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BootyMD is your go-to educational resource focusing on health education about BOOTY HEALTH and various aspects of general health & wellness. Not all parts of the body get equal attention when it comes to health education. In fact, even in medical school & physician training, the booty is often given little to no education time. But in our daily lives, the booty is one of the most essential parts of our bodies and we need to keep it healthy and functioning well. This is where BootyMD comes in, providing consistently good education for real-life purposes. Taking care of ourselves means taking care of all aspects of our health.


BootyMD was founded by Dr. Talar Tejirian, a surgeon and leading expert on anorectal problems. Her unique focus of patient-centered care encourages lifestyle changes and integrates natural and medical treatments. With this focus, she has guided thousands of patients, many who have suffered for years, toward recovery. About 75% of the U.S. population suffers from anal problems at some point in their life; however, most people choose to suffer in silence because they are embarrassed to seek help. That’s why Dr. T has made it her mission to educate both patients and other physicians about this neglected part of the body. Now she wants that education and information to extend beyond the exam room through 


BootyMD is a registered not-for-profit organization created to provide education accessible to everyone. The goal of our organization is to empower through public health education. We use various educational formats including blog articles, videos, social media posts, and special programs to reach as many people as possible. Everyone at BootyMD is open to new ideas and collaborations. Please reach out to us with comments, suggestions or thoughts on new topics and projects.